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Vice President, Finance

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Full Time

About Keltic 

About the Role

Qualifications & Requirements

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist CEO in implementation of the strategic plan and support the implementation of the opreational plans.

  • Responsible for financial modelling, project proformas, and investment return analysis.

  • Provide accruate and timely reporting on financial performance of projects.

  • Provide information and advice to the CEO, Senior Management, and the Owners relating to ongoing project proformas, cost performance, budget control, revenue, and costs perspective.

  • Provide strategic advice regarding financing options for the success of each project and the Company.

  • Identify risks, provided anlyses, and recommendations to strategically enhance financial performance that will allow the Company to meet and exceed financial goals.

  • Build long-term, positive relationships with external auditors, banks, and other external partners.

  • Negotiate all major banking deals, ensure that all operating lines and cash management needs support the needs of the Company in a cost effective manner.

  • Manage cash needs and cash flow to meet operation needs and cater to the Company's desire for growth.

  • Direct and oversee all aspects of the finance functions of the Company, including setting and monitoring effective internal controls, financial and management reporting, and provide the CEO and Senior Management with advice on the financial implications of business activities.

  • Develop and manage financial and management reporting on monthly/quarterly basis to internal and external stakeholders.

  • Ensure accurate and timely financial statements are prepared and filed to satisfy statutory requirements.

  • Process Management

  • To lead and guide efficient application of accounting processes to meet operation needs.

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure corporate governance and sound business practices.

  • Keep pace within a fast-paced organization that is an industry leader well positioned for change and growth.

Corporate Leadership Role

  • You are passionate about the Company, and confident in your abilities to handle all duties with a positive, performance-based and driven attitude. You are intelligent, hardworking, and focused on creating value for the Company. You are known for your integrity and ethics while always doing what is best for the company.

  • You have excellent communication skills, and are calm and precise in communicating with the Owners, your finance team, as well as acquisitions, construction, and development departments.

  • You have the ability to skillfully facilitate change that is required for growth; make positive actions to encourage change in a constructive and enforceable fashion; implement proposals about new changes or processes in an open and honest manner. These skills will require the VP of Finance to be equipped to assess the financial structure, systems, and processes.

  • The VP of Finance will play a role in building the Keltic team and designing incentive schemes for long term goals and participate in assessing the performances on key middle management members. You will prepare the next generation of leaders for the Company's future.

  • You are expected to play a leadership role in shaping the Company's corporate culture of accountability, commitment, effective cost control, efficiency, continous learning and innvocation, and business conducts. You lead by demonstration and being a role model.

  • You have confidence in managing conflicts within departments as they relate to budgeting, cost control, as well as having the confidence to suggest change in achieving sound financial practices.

  • You are able to unite teams to achieve desired results.

  • You are able to engage employees across the Company and foster buy-in to new ideas and concepts.

  • You have proven ability to recruit, train, develop, and motivate staff and implement a culture of teamwork and employee involvement so as to optimize and term performance.

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